Middle Stripe Beanie

$20.00 $24.00


Easy basic stocking cap with a bold contrast stripe for some fun styling.  Keep warm all winter long.  Available in Red or Blue.  One size fits most.  Perfect for running, skiing and snowboarding or just taking a nice leisurely walk.  Made of recycled materials on handlooms in Pennsylvania, supporting local manufacturing and creating jobs..

Fabel Headwear has been an idea in the making for 20 years. Twin sisters; Lori and Lisa wanted to start a company that worked with fashion, their love of the outdoors and economically friendly products.

Lori Meyer graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle and started a career in designing outdoor apparel. Lisa Anderson graduated from Washington State University, continuing on to earn a Masters Degree in computer technology.
Both ladies are married, each with two sets of three wonderful children, which has expanded their interest as designers and business owners.

To start the process of becoming an economically friendly company, basic changes for Fabel began when they started using recycled materials to make part of their products. For example, most of the fleece is recycled pop cans and the eco-cotton is from recycled soda bottles. In small ways, anyone can make a a difference for a greener planet, Fabel is doing their part to help that cause.

Located in Snohomish, Washington, founded in 2005, Fabel continues to take each life experience and turn it into something positive for their company and customers.