Hearts on Hiatus Limited Edition EP

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Proceeds from the sale of this EP benefit Action in Africa 

Exclusive Limited Edition 'Hearts on Hiatus' (Deluxe Edition) Physical EP's

Hearts on Hiatus (Deluxe Edition) includes:

1. Empty Walls 
2. Everything Fades To Red 
3. Everything Fades To Red (Kidforce Edit) 
4. Redefining Deception 
5. This Song 
6. Painted Coins (My Satellite Remix)

Action in Africa's Misson
At Action in Africa we wholeheartedly believe that no matter where you live, you have the right to education. It is through our scholarship funds and various projects that we are able to help individuals become educated, inspired, and empowered. While we have a strong emphasis on women and children, we believe that bettering the community as a whole is what truly creates a lasting impact.