The Chelsea Royal


The Chelsea Royal formed in Echo Park, CA, where members Rafe Pearlman, Marc Herron, Ryan Rocco McGuire and Eric Klerks began mixing bluesy indie-rock with flourishes of vintage soul and Floyd-inspired eclecticism. All members have enjoyed some success in previous projects such as Pearlman accompanying William Close and the Earth Harp on 2012 America’s Got Talent, Herron with notable underground Los Angeles band angeles drake, Klerks with The Magic Band who tours the UK frequently and McGuire in The Black Beverly Heels. However, with The Chelsea Royal the band has brought a unique palette to the table drawing on Pearlman’s Alaskan bush and gypsy experiences complemented by a Withers/ Zeppelin-esq vocal range and expanded by Herron’s recording and producing talents to flush out a centric-laden sound of it’s own. After releasing their debut E.P. entitled WESTERN PLEASURES in mid-2013, The Chelsea Royal will be booking Los Angeles shows and broader festivals for the remainder of the year.

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