Green Rokk



**With the purchase of this item from Rokk Clothing, you will receive an orange band from Band For A Cure as well to wear your support, along with the great items in your cart!


    Dedicated to aid cancer research and cancer treatment through music.

    Have you, or anyone youʼve known, been affected by cancer? Has the idea of combatting such epidemic been discouraging? Cristian Salas; President & CEO of Band For A Cure, has been haunted daily by such thoughts of discouragement and heartbreak. Recently, Salas was informed his cousin Raymond was diagnosed with Leukemia. Salas was instantly taken back, stunned to hear that a deadly disease entered his family circle. By targeting such a young and innocent soul, the monster epidemic, cancer, showed no intention of slowing, or offering refuge. It was clear more needed to be done, and the thought of this was on Salasʼ mind every day.